The Russian Invasion of Ukraine through the Lens of International Humanitarian and Human Rights Law – an Exploratory Overview

Linus H­­öller, Northwestern University[1] First published March 13, 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has fundamentally changed the security architecture of Europe and shown that wars of aggression are not a … Read More

Russian Oppositional Politician Androssow: Ukraine invasion sparked a “war of European civilization against barbarism”

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a crime not just against Ukraine, but against civility and the Russian people themselves, says Dimitri Androssow, a Russian oppositional politician with PARNAS. Read TWU’s striking interview here.

Why Russia is invading Ukraine, Explained

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was by no stretch of the imagination inevitable, but the factors that culminated in Putin eventually giving his troops the “go” were a long time in the making and include old territorial grievances, more recent Russian concerns about NATO and a healthy dose of authoritarianism. Let’s break down some key facts underlying the invasion. 

White Supremacist Organizations use Military Veterans to Train Recruits, Experts Say

Veterans play an outsized role in far-right extremist campaigns to topple the U.S. government. Their skills are used to train the main fighting force: People who considered joining the military, but end up fighting their own country instead.

Virginia’s gubernatorial Election may determine the Success of Biden’s agenda. Here’s why.

Virginians are heading the polls, but their vote will determine more than just who will be their next governor: They will also have an outsized impact on whether Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda succeeds.

Austria’s Media Landscape has a History of heavy State Involvement – and (fragile) Freedom of the Press

By Linus Hoeller, Northwestern University Reports Without Borders consistently ranks Austria among the best countries when it comes to press freedom in their annual investigations. In RSF’s 2021 report, Austria … Read More