Paper – Moving mountains: Common policy goals among landlocked, mountainous countries may serve as a basis for UNFCCC coalition-building

Linus Höller,Northwestern University[1] First published 2023 June 7 Abstract Landlocked, mountainous countries, although scattered around the globe, share a unifying set of geographical features and are impacted by climate change in similar ways. Yet the concerns of mountain countries find relatively little international recognition, including in international environmental and climate change negotiations, owing in part…

After Illinois Tornado Outbreak, a Question Lingers: Is Chicagoland getting more Tornadoes?

Severe storms swept across much of the central United States on March 31st, killing at least 33 people, injuring over 211 more and causing significant property damage, including leaving over 766,000 customers without electricity. While outbreaks of this sort are not unheard of, some scientists are warning that it could be a symptom of broader trends in severe weather – including more tornadoes in the Chicago area – as human-induced climate change upsets global weather patterns.