Unrest & Protests across the U.S. as outrage over George Floyd Police Killing escalates: an Overview

Protests and riots erupted in countless U.S. cities for the fourth night following the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed, black American.

One of the police officers involved in the killing, who had been seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck while he begged for forgiveness and said “I can’t breathe,” has since been charged with third-degree manslaughter. “I can’t breathe” has since become a commonly repeated slogan for the ongoing protests.

The charge did not put an end to protests across the country, which are calling for systematic reform of what demonstrators see as inherently racist and broken police.

Demonstrations turned into riots in some places, resulting in significant property damage, at least 5600 arrests, and direct confrontation with police, who were firing tear gas and rubber bullets. The national guard has been called upon to assist the police in at least 16 states, and curfews have been put in place for the coming nights in numerous American cities, including New York.

There have been at least two deaths as a consequence of the unrest so far.

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This is a dynamic and evolving situation and there is no guarantee that the information presented here is correct at all times.

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