White Supremacist Organizations use Military Veterans to Train Recruits, Experts Say

Veterans play an outsized role in far-right extremist campaigns to topple the U.S. government. Their skills are used to train the main fighting force: People who considered joining the military, but end up fighting their own country instead.

Virginia’s gubernatorial Election may determine the Success of Biden’s agenda. Here’s why.

Virginians are heading the polls, but their vote will determine more than just who will be their next governor: They will also have an outsized impact on whether Biden’s ambitious domestic agenda succeeds.

America’s decline to China is the Product of Stagnation and Disillusionment

By Linus Hoeller, Northwestern University The concept of American decline has been around for about as long as America has been a global power. This is not surprising; when you … Read More

Nuclear-armed and with Millions in Poverty: Former British Colony at the Brink of Collapse

Linus HoellerNorthwestern UniversityReporting on the ground from the nation’s third-largest city, Chicago Nearly three weeks after an eventful election in the former British colony known formally as the United States … Read More