The Globalized Pencil Case (or: Globalization Benefits us all)

Supporters of isolationism will be quick to point out all the things supposedly wrong with the statement “globalization benefits us all”. They will do so in the comment threads of YouTube videos, on Twitter or Facebook, posting their opinions to a global audience, typing on their smartphones manufactured in China and with components from Africa, South America – “designed and engineered in California”; they will post their opinions sitting on a sofa by the Swedish company IKEA that was manufactured in Poland, and the person agreeing with them, supporting their point of view may have just went through the fast immigration line for nationals in Indonesia. The point here is not to say that there aren’t losses and tradeoffs that come with a globalized world – unquestionably, there are. The point being made, much rather, is that globalization is unavoidable today and trying to cut yourself off from it will not prevent it from affecting you, but will slow down progress and harm your personal situation.

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